Delius Pharma’s Ethical Marketing Division Thrives in FY under Vikash Shriwastaw’s Leadership

2 min readFeb 27, 2024

Delius Pharmaceuticals, an emerging pharmaceutical powerhouse in India for the past decade, has not only achieved success but has excelled. At the forefront of this triumph is Mr. Vikash Shriwastaw, a distinguished figure in the pharmaceutical industry. His strategic leadership has been instrumental in propelling the success of Delius Pharma’s ethical division.

Since 2014, Delius Pharma has witnessed exponential growth, making its mark in the Indian generics market and establishing flagship brands. Vikash Shriwastaw, with a vision to give back to society, has positioned Delius as synonymous with affordability and top-notch quality. Reflecting on their achievements, he states, “We are doing great in India, and the expectations for this new financial year are high.”

Vikash also added: Delius Generic excels in the market with a strong focus on diverse manufacturing styles and distributor connections. The entire team is dedicated to enhancing quality, with plans to announce an IPO within the next 3 to 4 years.”

Vikash is not only focused on business expansion but is also committed to creating job opportunities. With a target of adding 150 plus employees, he aims to drive the cardiac division, showcasing Delius Pharma as a new-generation pharmaceutical company. The company’s ethos revolves around making quality healthcare accessible to all, reinforcing its commitment to ethical practices and societal well-being.